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How does CardFool send my cards?

We send all cards through USPS First Class shipping.
Any card you mail directly to recipient is mailed with a first class stamp just like it was send from your mailbox!
Any cards you send to yourself are shipped in a rigid mailer with blank envelopes and shinkwrapped for their protection!

How long will it take for my cards to arrive?

According to the USPS First Class Shipping, most mailed cards arrive within 1-3 mailing days from when it's mailed. If you order your card before 2pm CST Monday through Friday, it will be printed and mailed/shipped the same day.
Click here to learn about first First Class Shipping from the United States Postal Service website.
You will recieve a confirmation email when we give your cards to the post office to be delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions that can help you as you use Cardfool to send hilarious cards to your friends and family. If these aren't helpful, please feel free to contact Customer Service!

Customer Sevice:
How do I contact Customer Service?
Please email Jill if you have any questions. She's great at taking care of whatever you need!
I've forgotten my password. What can I do?
No problem! We'll send you a link to your account email that will allow you to change your password. Go here and enter your account email to have the reset email sent out immedietely!
How do I check my order status?
Go here to your "Order History" page. You'll see the status of each card in your order in the white box on the right side of the page.
How do I sign up for an account?
Signing up for an account is easy! All you need is an email address and a password! Click here to go to the sign up page.
How do I become a Cardfool Ecard Subscriber?
Send up to 100 Ecards for free when you purhcase an Ecard subscription for only $19.99. Click here to to sign up. You'll need to be signed into your account to purchase a subscription.
Order information:
How do you store my credit card information? Is it safe?
At Cardfool, your safety is the most important thing. That's why we take every possible precaution when it comes to your personal and financial information.
Cardfool does NOT store any credit card numbers. We use a highly secure third party to process all financial transactions, in addition to our 256-bit encrypted SSL that protects your activity on our website. For more information about your privacy and security on our site, please read our Privacy Policy.
How do I check my order status?
Go here to your "Order History" page. You'll see the status of each card in your order in the white box on the right side of the page.
Does Cardfool proofread every order before it's sent out?
We won't read the messages you write in your card, so we cannot guarantee to catch any copy errors or grammar mistakes.
Personalizing Cards:
How do I add photos to cards?
On the gallery page, any card that you can upload your photo to has a purple "Add Your Photo" tab on top of the card. On the personalization page, when you click the "Personalization" button, you'll see the photo upload area. From there, you simply click on the photo area and upload a photo from whatever source you want!
How do I Add text to cards?
When you click the "Personalization" button on the individual card page. The text areas will pop up where you can add a personalized message.
Delivering Cards:
What options do I have for delivering my cards?
Cardfool makes it easier than ever for you to get your card delivered how you want it! You can send a printed card or an Ecard!
If you want to send a Print Card:
If you want to send a print card, you have two options:
1) Send a card directly to the recipient - We will print your card on Premium Glossy stock, place it in a stamped, addressed designer envelope, and send it directly to your recipient for you.

2) Send a card or group of cards in a package to yourself - We'll include a blank envelope for each card in your order, all within a strong, secure cardboard mailer sent to your doorstep!

If you want to send a Ecard:
You can send ecards two different ways:
1) Send Ecards using the Cardfool Ecard Subscription Service - If you're subscribed, you can send up to 100 Ecards a year to as many friends and family as you want! Click here to learn more about the Express Cardfool Ecard Serice.

2) Sending Digial Ecards without a Subscription - If you're not a Cardfool Ecard member (lets be honest, it's hard to belive that you're not), then you can send Ecards using the quick and easy Cardfool checkout process just like with a printed card. Each Ecard is 0.99¢.
What type of delivery options do you offer, and how much does it cost to send a card?
You can send your cards via USPS Priority Mail or USPS Overnight.
Mailing Cards to Recipient for you:
USPS Priority Shipping
1 cardFREE!
Shipping cards to yourself first:
USPS Priority Shipping
1 - 5 cards:$1.99
6 - 24 cards:$3.99
25 - 75 cards:$6.99
How long will it take for my card to be delivered?
Any card you order before 2 pm will be sent to the printer and shipped that same day. Any order placed after 2 pm (CST) will be printed and shipped on the next business day. All orders are shipped via the US Postal Service. As such, orders will not be shipped on Saturdays and Sundays.
USPS Standard estimated delivery time: 1 - 3 Business Days.
How do I schedule a card to be sent at a later date?
After you're done personalizing the card the way you want, a popup asking "WHEN" you want to deliver the card will appear. There you have the choice to either send it ASAP, or schedule to have it sent. Click the "Schedule" option and select the date you want us to print the card. Do not select the date you want the card to arrive. Because of differnet regions, the card could take longer to be delivered. Please allow 2-4 business days for your card to be delivered.
Questions about Features:
How do I set up Reminder Events?
Setting up Reminders is super easy. Just go to My Reminders, which you can find on your My Account dashboard. Once you're there, you just scroll to the date when the event you want a reminder sent for you is. We'll send you an email 2 weeks and 1 week before the event, so you have plenty of time to select the perfect card for it!
How do I import my existing contacts?
Go here to go to your "My Contacts" page. Then click the "Import Contacts" button and follow the instructions on the popup. You can import your contacts from:
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Outlook
  • Apple Contacts
Faq contacts

How come I can't import my Facebook friends personal email addresses?

Due to Facebook's security update, you can no longer access certain parts of your Facebook friend's information. This includes their email address and physical address.

How do I save cards to work on later?
When you're personalizing a card, and you need to save it for later, just click the "save for later" link under the finished adding personalization button. This card will be saved on your "Saved Cards" page. You can access that page here.
Faq saved
Cardfool Ecard Subscription:
What is the Cardfool Ecard Subscription?
The Cardfool Ecard subscription is the All Access Pass for sending Ecards however you want to send them! You can personalize ecards the same fast and easy way you always do, but when you're a subscribed member, you can send Ecards through Facebook and Twitter, in addition to sending them through email.
You'll also have full access to send free ecards from Cardfool's iOS app.
We're making your Cardfool Printout now!